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Giorgio began guitar music lessons from Reg Fisher in Dartmouth N.S. at age six. Under the watchful eye of his mother, Giorgio practiced diligently everyday and before long progressed to studying Classical Guitar. He continued that study under the patient tutelage of Ken Davidson for many years until Giorgio realized that classical guitar at Jr High parties was not going to get him any girls! He then started learning more contemporary music and soon he began performing around the Halifax - Dartmouth area while still technically underage to be working in drinking establishments. He continued to perform in local venues until he joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1982.

The military gave Giorgio the opportunity to experience living and perform throughout Canada and abroad in such beautiful places as Sydney and Barrington NS, Fredericton NB, Cold Lake AB, Kingston and Ottawa ON, Panama City Florida, Gander NL, Naples Italy and Winnipeg MB and multiple times in some of those places!

Giorgio retired in 2017 with 35+ years with the Royal Canadian Air Force . During his service, he had performed in every place he was stationed and even while in Afghanistan he managed to join a band at the US Embassy and entertain the international troops at HQ ISAF in Kabul.

Giorgio retired in Ottawa with his beautiful wife Jan after an almost 10 year forced long-distance relationship that saw Giorgio posted to Kingston, Cold Lake AB, Naples Italy and Winnipeg. Jan is an uber-successful Real Estate Agent in Ottawa (shameless plug:

Giorgio started performing almost immediately upon his return to Ottawa and is booked frequently by Rick Smith at Metcalfe Music Entertainment. While in Ottawa, he performed with Pawnshop Whiskey: a straight up Rock & Roll band with a little spice thrown in for fun. In 2021, in order to help with the care of his parents, Giorgio relocated back to Dartmouth and is now performing as a solo act in the fine establishments throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality. 

Giorgio is drug-free, reliable and always delivers a professional performance. With an eclectic range of musical styles and broad repertoire, Giorgio can entertain in almost all venues. He complements his playing style with a tasteful use of guitar and vocal effects and uses other magical digital devices to expand his performance beyond the typical solo show.

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